Great Ant War


17 November 1998 - 13 July 2003


United States of Australia


Allied Victory

Allied commanders

Jarrad Burke (Mortsorella republic)
Queen Myrmecia (Myrmecia Union)
Johns (Jarrington Empire)
Uncle Morty (Morty Empire)
Mikey Tonkin (Monarchy Union)
Henry Mcmasters (Polish Republic)
Dude (Argentine Empire)

Axis commanders

Uncle Norty (Pickham republic)
General John.M (Nazi MA)
Bob Harding (Chrome Empire)
Neil Harris (ADA Empire)
Pete Burns (SBAA Union)
Samuel D. Jones (The FA Republic)

Casualties and losses

Allies: Military dead: 13,448,330
Civilians dead: 18,023,674
Total dead: 31,472,004

Casualties and losses

Axis: Military dead: 95,278,722
Civilians dead: 49,613,889
Total Dead: 144,892,611

The Great Ant war (Known as the GAW, War of Hell, Reducing life), was a massive military conflict lasting from 1998 - 2003, which involved some of the nations, including many of the great powers. The great ant war was separated into opposing military alliances, the Allies and the Axis. This was the biggest war conflict ever in history, with over 190 million military mobilised. In a state of "total war", the major participants placed all their economic and nest growth at the service of war effort, erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources. Including a mass death of civilians including the hostage camps and the black helicopter, it was the deadliest conflict in the whole entire ant history, resulting in 102.5 million deaths around the war zone. You can check out all countries current population: List of countries by population

The war is generally accepted to have begun on the 17 November, 1998, with the Invasion of Mortsorella by the Meat Ants and the Bullet Ants, and subsequent declarations of war on the Nazis by the Bull Ants and most of the countries who are allies including the Jack Jumpers. The Meat Ants set out throughout most of the war zones during 1998 and 1999. The military campaign was a massive success, where it established 11 nests and made made areas move to extremely harsh conditioned areas where mostly a nuclear missile could possibly hit. The Nazis mostly conquered the whole war zone, covering 88 percent (as of 1999) but failed to establish a new nest in the Myrmecia Union. The Myrmecia Union and the Morty Empire remained the only major force continuing the fight against the Axis in the North Area and in extensive naval warfare. In 2001, the north Allies planned and launched an invasion of the FA Republic, giving the highest death rate in the wars history, which, from this moment on, reduced the land owned by the Axis and it's military power. In 1999, the Pickham Republic was already at war with the Monarchy Union since 1996, and which the Axis dominated and owned the western-area of the United States of Australia, then attacked the Morty Empire, which then attacked the Argentine Empire in the South-east point, then took over 3/4 of the south area.

The Axis advances was stopped however after some defeats in some air battles and after some devastating defeats of over-sea invaders (Bullet Ants, Fire Ants FA) in North Area and at Mortsorella. In 2002, with a series of defeats the South Area, the Allies got lots of their land back, and with many battles won by the Morty Empire, the Axis, had a heavy death toll and were forced to move in land. In 2003, the Mortsorella republic and the Argentine Empire invaded the Nazi MA's, whereas the Monarchy Union regained lost territory which was taken over by the Pickham Republic and then invaded the FA republic.

The war on the small islands which are placed all around the United States of Australia were invaded by Mortsorella troops and Argentine troops, which the Nazi MA were forced to surrender on 2 March 2003. By that time, the FA Republic and the SBAA Empire was defeated by the Jarrington Republic and the Myrmecia Union and the black helicopter was destroyed.

The war ended several months later after the Meat Ants were forced to surrender, with the Allies being victorious over the Nazis and the Fire Ants in 2003. The Great Ant war left many areas destroyed or even abandoned. But after the world nations was built, these abandoned towns or cities were later left un-abandoned, and has immensely changed the country on it's road to recovery. The WN also focuses on to prevent further conflicts (such as the the 2nd great ant war). Later on, the Morty Empire and the Argentine Empire became rivals, setting that their beliefs is that the 2nd great ant war may happen in the next 15 years. Meanwhile, many of the great powers started decline, while the decolonization of the Argentine Empire began while the Monarchy Union also decolonized. Most of the places industries and nest growths were badly damaged and are on the way to an [[ant economic recovery|economic recovery and across the country has been restored back to peace and all Allies and Axis survivors are equal.


The start of the war generally held on 17 November 2003, beginning with the Invasion of Mortsorella; forcing the Bull Ants and the Jack Jumpers to declare war on the Nazi MA's three days later. Other dates for the beginning of war was Fire Ant invasion to the Jarrington Empire in 3 December 1990 and the war against the Polish on 11 January 1996;.

Others followed Uncle Norty, who held that there was a simultaneous Polish war in the south-east of the United States of Australia, whilst there was a war against the SBAA's in the south. Two wars also merged in 2001, where the wars continued until 2003. These wars from 2001 - 2003 had one of the biggest death tolls ever in history.

The exact date for the wars ending is not know, as it was claimed to end in 2004 or 2006, where there has been signs of massive violence in some particular areas. Such as the old Nazi nests which were abandoned by the Meat Ants once that the military in that single nest were just about completely killed. In other opinions, they say the war is still happening, but 99.9% say this is not happening, because there is peace all around and all wars since 03 have been easily prevented.


The 1975 war radically altered political changes within the country, with some defeats of the Central Powers, including Ant-Stralia, The Meat Ant Empire, and the Siafu Empire; and the 1978 Fire Ant invasion for power in the Sugar Ant Empire area which lead the empire to decolonize. Meanwhile, the success of the Allied Entente powers including the Morty Empire, the Jarrington Empire, the Polish Republic, the Leafcutter Empire, Mortsorella Republic and the Kingdom of Carpenter, and the creation after the fall of Ant-Stralia and the Pharaoh Empire, resulted in a major unrest shift in the balance of power from the north area to the United States of Australia. In the aftermath of the 1975 - 1980 war, major unrest rose in the north area, especially irredentist and revanchist nationalism and class conflict. Irredentism and revanchism were strong in Nazi MA, because it was forced to many complications during the 1975 war which then, lost territory. The Nazi MA lost 25% of it's land and lost all of its overseas colonies, while Meat Ant colonies in their own countries were being invaded by the Leafcutter Empire, the casualties were heavy, while the Meat Ants were suffering from all the destruction lead by the Leafcutter Ants, while the government were sending over 50,000 soldiers to invade the Leafcutters borderlines. Meanwhile, the Myrmecia civil war lead to the creation of the Myrmecia Union. After the death of King "Mate" the 1st in 1986, the myrmecia queen (or known as Myrmecia Queen) later seized power in the Union, which she promised to make full security borderlines and send 150,000 troops to guard.

In the interwar period, domestic civil conflict occurred in Nazi MA involving nationalists and reactionaries versus communists and moderate monarchy political parties, which led the Meat Ant Empire to lose land.. A similar scene happened in the Siafu Empire; which was later known as the ADA Empire. Although they had the similarities, although the Republic gained lost territory during the 1975 war. Although the Driver Ant nationalists agreed by the Nazis agreement that they would have equal land and the ADA will be on the Axis, although this could make things worse until they were sent to war by the Nazi's in 1977. Before the Siafu Empire was changed to the ADA, the empire was invaded by the FA before the ADA became part of the Axis, then after the invasion, the destroyed Empire promised to make a new empire by the name of "The ADA Empire". In Nazi MA, there was a party named the MA Party, led by Uncle Norty pursued establishing such a fascist government in Nazi MA. During the Ant Depression, Norty's support rose and, in 1992, Norty was appointed to executive president of Nazi MA, and in the aftermath of the Ant Depression, Norty was later president and later created a totalitarian single-party state led by the MA.

The FA party In Croslandi (fire ants) officially launched a campaign against the Jarrington Empire by try to advertise that they were nothing but uncivilised beasts in the 1980's, but was soon failed due to heavy casualties in the Jarrington Battle. In 1990, the FA Republic decided to plan an invasion to the Jarrington Empire which took place on the 3rd December 1990, which was a warning sign to "back off or else". The Jarrington Empire later was too weak to fight off against the FA, the Jarrington Empire later had to retreat while their old camp sites and bases were later taken over. Later on, they later teamed up with the Argentine Allies to fight off the FA. The mission was unsuccessful, but the FA later lost the battle when they came back in 1999.

Uncle Norty, after an unsuccessful attempt to take over the MA government in 1982, became the president of the Nazi MA. He abolished freedom of speech, espousing radical, radically motivated revision of the world order, which later began the Norty airlines campaign, where he sent super deadly nuclear planes to purposely explode in town centres to wipe out many civilians and troops. This in particular, happened in the Mortsorella Republic. Later on, Norty The take over of the United States of Australia took over half of the United States of Australia]], which led to mass amount of lost businesses and increased poverty and homelessness.

Hoping to contain the MA, the Argentine Empire, the Morty Empire, the Polish Republic and the Monarchy Union formed the Hill Front. The Myrmecia Union concerned to the MA's goals to capture and slave Polish civilians, wrote to them that they will attack if this matter will be worse. Before taking effect though, the letter was required to go through the assistance of the Morty Empire, which was led to the League of Nations, which rendered it essentially toothless. However, in March 1994, the Argentine Empire made an independent naval agreement with the MA, easing prior restrictions. The Morty Empire, concerned with the events in the U.S.A.A, passed the Neutrality act in May. In July, the Chrome Empire invaded the Argentine Empire, with the MA, which was the only major Axis nation supporting the invasion. The Chrome Empire later revoked the MA's objections to completely wipe out the FA.

Norty defied the Versailles and Borcarto treaties by remilitarizing the Bone River in 1995. He received little or no response from all the Axis powers. When the Chrome Civil War broke out in November, Norty and Samuel.D Jones supported the bombings to wipe out their enemies, to do this, Norty yet made a deadly nuclear missile, which only the "experts of the experts" were allowed to handle. Also, the both sides tested out new weapons and methods of warfare, and Norty and Samuel.D Jones won the war in 1998. Mounting tensions led to several efforts to strengthen or consolidate power. In 1995, the MA used civilians for bait or exploding devices, to break down the walls in the Monarchy Union. About 20,000 Small Black Ants (Polish Republic), where sent to charge at the walls, with the mission successful.

Pre-war eventsEdit

Fire Ant Invasion to the Jarrington EmpireEdit

The Fire Ant Invasion to the Jarrington Empire was a major battle that began in December 1990 and ended in February 1991. The war was fought between the armed forces of the FA Republic and the armed forces of the Jarrington Empire. The war resulted of the Jarrington's to flee after the mass amount of military from the FA was taking over the empires land so quickly, the civilians and army couldn't escape. It has not been yet known to as why the Fire Ants rapidly did an invasion to the Jarrington Empire, but they say it was to get revenge from what the Jarrington's did back in the late 80's.

Chrome Civil WarEdit

The MA and the FA supported their own bombs to attack the invaders to the Chrome Empire. The bombs were released when they all noticed a massive swarm of enemy ants charging. The bombs were later dropped, where 69% of the attackers were killed instantly bombs, making it a mission accomplish, where as the invaders, still attacked, but only 4% of the attackers survived and retreated, making that 96% of the attackers were killed, making the Chrome Empire superior.

War against the Small Black AntsEdit

The war against the Small Black Ants (or the war against the polish) happened in early 1996, where the MA thought that they are slobbering beasts, so Norty sent over 2 million Nazi's to all the areas, killing most of the troops defending off the enemy, whereas 300,000 civilians were killed. Meanwhile, the SBA (Small black ants) were sent again to fight of the Nazi MA. Around 50,000 were sent to kill off the Nazis around the borders, which was mission success, with little casualties on the Small black ants side.

This war clashed between the SBA government, to think about their army systems. The infantry were obviously unbalanced, which is meaning by unprepared for a battle, so the government sent around 1 million troops to kill all the Nazis in the lost territorial area. Although as many as 1 million troops were sent, the Nazis suffered much more casualties than the SBA, which was around 670,000 - 680,000. Whereas the SBA only suffered 50,000. This made the MA retreat, then lost territory was gained back.

Croslandi war against the Morty EmpireEdit

On 14 March 1997, the Croslandi Fire Ants invaded the borders of the Morty Empire, which then, they headed up further north to attack small towns. Although the Jack Jumpers got the victory, the FA still claim that it was a draw, and on 28 February 1998, the FA decided to send in an extra 250,000 troops to circle the borders of the Morty Empire. The FA later invaded the largest city in the Morty Empire, killing many citizens and troops during the invasion. Although this was a successful mission, they later retreated, as the Morty Empire later called reinforcements which killed half of the invaders.

After the retreat, the Morty Empire later built maximum security systems, with tanks patrolling the areas, trucks with nuclear missiles, and machine guns which go off at any time if spot an enemy; making it impossible for any enemies trying to attack the empire. Although these security systems were impossible to break through, they played an extreme vital war in the defence of Rowlandi.

North countries occupations and agreementsEdit

In the north countries, the MA and the FA were becoming bolder. In June 1997, the MA annexed the Leafcutter Empire, which no other area around it did not respond, which